Tekken 6 Game Review

Tekken 6 is the latest installment in a franchise that never fails to impress.

Tekken is not new to the world of fighting games, and has steadily become more polished and refined with each release. Even after 6 titles, Tekken has stayed true to its roots by improving aspects of gameplay but preserving the core of what makes the Tekken franchise unique. Tekken 6 is the manifestation of a nearly 20 year long history of characterization that really shines and makes the Tekken series a powerful presence in the world of fighting games.

With a following nearly as large as the “Street Figher” series, many die-hard Tekken fans have appreciated its extremely complicated fighting system with detailed strategies for each individual character. The massive array of moves available certainly add depth to the game, but it is also very friendly to new players, who are sometimes referred to as “button mashers” by veteran players.

With a 4 button combat system, Tekken 6 accommodates button mashers well enough that they can fare in a fight or two against an experienced player, but they will need to master the combat system before they can become formidable opponents. This makes the game more playable and less intimidating to new players. Some have accepted this design with open arms, claiming that it brings balance to the game, while others adamantly oppose it, arguing that under the balancing system their personal skills play less of a role in their performance.

tekken 6 game review

The classic characters that have cultivated personalities over the years are available in the huge selection of characters in Tekken 6, including characters like “Mokujin”, the strange tree-man character, and “Kuma” the bear. The gameplay in the campaign mode of Tekken 6 is very much unlike the previous installments, with a third-person view that acts more like free-run brawling games than the traditional side-scrolling camera.

The campaign mode of the game does continue the ever-developing plot of Tekken 6, but the story is extremely difficult to follow and some consider it altogether confusing. Despite this, the combat in campaign mode is reason enough to play.

With vast choices in character customization and an in-game money system for buying items, the game offers more chances for players to make their characters really stand out. Using a customized character in online multiplayer means that players can take the classic Tekken characters and make them suit their style. Outside of online challenges, players will be able to use their customized characters in the Time trial, Survival, Arcade, Ghost Battle and Practice modes.

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