Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: Next Generation of Fighting Games

Street fighter is one of the best competitive fighting games around. No wonder a large portion of the community has come to know and love this game. It is great for the competitive nature it holds, along with the fast paced fighting matches, and unique playable characters, all with their own skills and abilities.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition adds new features from Super Street Fighter IV, some of which include; 39 playable characters to choose from – 4 of which are brand new, modern day graphics that stay true to the game’s 2D nature and all new balancing that really hits home on the games fighting system. This game has been made available on the big three; Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, so you know it’s good.

For a fighting game the controls are fluid and easy to learn, but takes time to master. In fact, one of the most exciting aspects of The Super Street Fighter IV is being able to learn the controls quickly, but knowing that it will take time to get the perfect timing, best button combination, and increase you reflexes from the beginner to master.

As far as action games go, this one definitely delivers on just the right amount of adrenaline rush and excitement. Players can face off against one another by playing online, getting a group of friends together or battling the built in AI.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review

Despite the attractive appearance this game holds, if arcade fighters are not really your cup of tea, this game will get old fast. It is great for competing with others, either online or with friends, but after completing the game and having played it several times over, it tends to get old fast. This type of game is aimed at the true Street Fighter fans and anyone who loves combat games, if this doesn’t sound like you, be aware.

All in all Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition adds a lot to the 4th generation of Street Fighter, and if you thought it was perfect the first time around then, you will be sure to love this

Amazon Reviews

A good birthday gift for my nephew to tide him over.

Street fighter is a true classic, I have played this videogame since I was a little kid.

In conclusion it’s a great game but again it’s not justifiable to sell it as a different one. Unless… read the full Amazon review.

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