Persona 4 Arena Game Review

Persona 4 Arena Game Review

Arc System Works has made a name for themselves in the fighting game industry with the creation of the “Guilty Gear” and “BlazBlue” franchises, with both attaining large cult-followings and a very avid fan-base.

Despite the immense success seen by both of these game series, neither seem to have acquired the popularity or standing that games like “Street fighter” and “Marvel Vs. Capcom” have. This might be due to the fact that Arc System Works designs their games as “Anime fighters”, which is a style that until recently has not been widely accepted in the fighting gamer community. Persona 4 Arena brings new cards to the table by game-play and complexity being its strongest suits, as it introduces a wide range of new fighting techniques that attract even the most aversive gamers.

Persona 4 Arena Game Review

The strongly pronounced style in Persona 4 makes it an unforgettable sight, as it features an exclusive artistic flow that parallels to the anime tv-series it was named after. The fluidity with which the storyline of the show has been integrated is so seamless that Persona fans will feel right at home when playing. Non-fans can also appreciate the depth and immersive qualities of the game and its storyline as well, since none of the story elements feel forced or out-of-place.

Persona 4: Arena is filled with bright lights, fast music and flashy moves from players, resulting in a fighting experience that leaves some feeling over stimulated, though the music does flow quite well with the game and in many ways complements the fighting. With a Story mode, Arcade mode, And versus mode, there’s something for Persona fans and fighting game fans. There’s also a training segments for players new to the game, and it’s relatively easy to catch on to the combat system and begin fighting CPU characters or other real players. This fighting game is not without its acrobatics, as characters are able to perform air dashes, sweeps, double jumps and more.

Persona 4 Arena Game Review

What I do like about this game is that exciting visuals, a deep story-line and a unique RPG feel make the story mode of Persona 4: Arena very rewarding to Persona fans. The smoothness and fast-paced nature of the fighting mechanic makes it a treat for anyone who prefers high-tempo battles, though it can be a problem for more slow-paced players. The masterfully balanced one-on-one combat achieved by Persona 4: Arena makes it a must-play for any fan of fighting games.

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Instantly addictive and easy to play, yet plenty to master for seasoned vets…

A worthy 2D fighter ready for modern fighting game fans to enjoy…

great fighting game with tons of style…

Balancing? Pfffft! Who needs THAT?…

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