Dragon Ball Z Game: Battle of Z

Dragon Ball Z Game Due to Hit the Shelves in January

The new Dragon Ball Z game that was announced in March 2013 and is scheduled for release on January 28, 2014. It will be available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PS Vita, and will feature the option to alternate between the PS3 and PS Vita, saving on one and then continuing play on the other. Up to four players can join together to complete missions online, but unfortunately there is no option for a second player on the same console.

The story mode will follow events from the Saiyan Saga, the Freiza Saga, the Cell Saga and the Maajin Buu Saga. Some events and fights will differ slightly from the series and there will be a number of “what if” plots throughout the game, as well as battles fought from the sides of both good and evil. In one mission for instance you will be forced to fight against everyone in Goku’s family.

The New Dragon Ball Z Game: Battle of Z will have an impressively large roster of 64 playable characters, all of which are customisable, both in their skills and appearance. Ability cards will allow players to choose their characters abilities and strengths and these can be upgraded throughout the game. Costumes can also be changed and there is the additional option to change the colour of your characters costume.

Players can play one of four character types – Fighting, Support, Ki Blasting or Interference. The different types are vital for creating well balanced teams. The fighting type uses close range combat and melee attacks like Kaioken. Support types can both heal their team-mates and assist with their synchronised abilities. Ki Blasting types are long range fighters that use their powerful energy blasts from a distance. Interference types are able to interrupt and hinder their enemies with abilities like Solar Flare.

New Dragon Ball Z Game Battle of Z

New Dragon Ball Z Game – Battle of Z is to be the latest installment in the anime-based gaming series, and promises to be a must have title for fans.

Online play is heavily emphasised in the new Dragon Ball Z game: Battle of Z, and team battles will be the main part of this. Two team battle modes will be featured in the game. Shin Battle mode, in which teams of four will compete against one another, and Battle Royale, with teams of 8. Some battles will allow you to compete for dragon balls, but these become available randomly. Collecting 7 dragon balls in the game unlocks special bonuses.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z introduces a new meter called the GENKI gauge, which fills as damage is done to your opponents. When full, the gauge can be used to perform ultimate attacks. Team-mates share a GENKI gauge and can use it for special abilities. Revive Soul will resurrect a fallen party member, while Meteor Chain will do a lot of damage that will also help refill the meter.

GENKI from the gauge can also be sent to the World GENKI meter at the end of a mission if specific conditions are met. The advantage of sending GENKI to the world meter is that players receive Premium Points in exchange. Premium Points can be used to purchase unique items in the game. The other game currency is Dragon Ball Points which are earned by completing the games 49 achievements. These can be used to make purchases in the Item Collection Store.

It is the first Dragon Ball Z game to feature online team battles, along with many other innovative additions, and fans of the series will undoubtedly get a lot out of this new Dragon Ball Z game.

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