Fight Night Champion Review

Fight Night Champion Review: Let the punches fly!

In this Fight Night Champion review, we’ll look at what really sets this game apart from other fighting games out there, from all new story-mode to punch control, and even to the amazing graphics that make you nearly feel like you’re in the ring yourself. Fight Night Champion is no doubt the Best Boxing Game today.

What immediately stands out about this game, is it isn’t all about the button mashing. Fight Night Champion gives you a true glimpse into what real life boxers go through, especially in the story-mode. Here you get to experience the drama, excitement and tragedy that are the world of boxing.

Whether you’re a pretender or a contender, you’ll be able to prove it with the refined physics the game offers, and the advanced AI of your opponents. Ali will be all too happy to ‘rope-a-dope’ you if you’re too aggressive, where Tyson would come at you like a charging bull if you’re too passive. You need to balance your approach, use your fighter’s power, stamina and your own smarts if you want to be the True Champion.

Fight Night Champion Review

Let’s face it, as a boxer, you’re going to take some damage and Fight Night Champion really delivers on the graphics to reinforce that fact. As the matches go on, and the punches keep landing, you or your opponent will start to show the results. A little red and puffy under the eye will turn into a scrape, and eventually lead to a deep cut that will decorate the ring in blood.

The crowning jewel of the game, however, has to be Champion mode. The story-line as you play ‘Andre Bishop’ is amazing. Without spoiling too much of what you’ll see and do here, don’t expect a traditional career. You’ll be fighting all the way from prison, to the Amateur World Championships, and eventually the Big Time.



  • Refined physics intense graphics
  • Damage and blood
  • All new punch-control system
  • Amazing Championship mode and story
  • Top-notch AI opponents


  • Legacy mode is slow and boring at first.
  • The training mini-games to get up your stats are tedious.
  • Somewhat stale commentary on the fights

All things considered, I’m a fan, and would encourage those of you into the fighting genre to give Fight Night Champion a go.

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