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EA Sports UFC Game Preview (2014)

EA Sports UFC Game Promises to be The Next Big Thing in Fighting Games

With Undisputed 3 marking the end of the UFC liscenced series, the new EA Sports UFC games takes over, promising a new MMA game for the new generation consoles that will leave all others behind.

The new EA Sports UFC game is due for release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 31, 2014, and everything about this game so far sounds very promising.

The game will make use of EA’s new Ignite game engine which is designed for the new generation consoles. The AI of the engine is able to process calculations four times faster and with much higher resolution, which EA claims will let players “think like an athlete”.

The drastically improved AI will also mean opponents think faster and can adapt their strategies throughout the fight. This is key to making a truly brilliant new MMA game, as strategy is as much a part of mixed martial arts as physical condition. This extends to submission battles, where players will have to struggle through stages to escape from or complete game ending holds.

ea sports ufc game preview

EA has gone even further in creating realistic strategic challenges by programming the CPU fighters to respond more like the real fighter. They will be more inclined to use their signature moves or attacks that their strengths and abilities are keyed towards. Expect to face Chuck Liddell’s overhand right counter punch, Jon Jones devastating elbows, and Ronda Rouseys renowned armbar. EA Sports’ commitment to staying true to MMA and really capturing the energy and dynamics of a UFC fight has extended to bringing in a Brazilian Jujitsu teacher to work with the development team.UFC president Dana White has also spoken to the entire team early on in the development stages.

The game aims to do away with attack animations common in so many fighting games and that result in feet disappearing through the opponent or fists that do damage despite appearing inches away from making contact. When a strike does make contact it will make a visible effect on the opponent. The new locomotion system means the fighters are really connected to the ground, and this subsequently makes all their movements more realistic. This also enables players to make better use of the environment by performing attacks like high roundhouse kicks off the cage walls.

The new EA Sports UFC game claims it will set a new standard for character graphics. Each fighter in the game has been created from 3D scans and painstakingly given the most realistic and responsive facial emotions in gaming. The full body deformation system will bring a high level of realism to the game. Fatigue will show visibly on the fighters bodies as their veins stand out, muscles strain and their bodies become bruised or discoloured. When punches land flesh will ripple  and sweat will fly.

This new UFC game really has everything going for it – a close partnership with the UFC, the new generation of consoles, and powerful new engines and technology. If this game lives up to expectations it will leave every other MMA game a long way behind.

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  1. The Best MMA Games • Martial Arts Video Games Saturday, Nov 30 2013 5:11PM at 5:11 pm Reply

    […] While these titles should keep most fighting fans satisfied for now, the next generation of consoles promises an even better experience for MMA fighting. The developer of UFC Undisputed sold the UFC licence to EA in 2012. The team at EA has since dedicated themselves to developing EA Sports UFC, which promises to be everything fans could ask for in an MMA game. Read our preview about EA Sports UFC here. […]

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