The Best MMA Games Review

For a fighting experience unlike any other, try out the best MMA games for the PS3 And Xbox360.

MMA is one of the most intense and exciting sports to watch, but notoriously violent. For those not up to the intense dedication and training that learning MMA take, PS3 and Xbox offer a number of games which are the next best thing.

best mma games

UFC Undisputed 2009 is the first in the series that has brought us to the acclaimed UFC Undisputed 3. As far as a fighter game goes, UFC Undisputed is not the easiest game to sit down and pick up for beginners. Nor should it be. MMA is a sport of complexity and strategy and UFC Undisputed aims to capture the essence of this.

While the learning curve may be a steep one the game features good tutorials and a thorough training mode. Mastering the combos is one thing, but mastering your positioning and groundwork in a fight is what will really set the veterans apart from more casual players. Once you’ve finished your training the career mode is where you’ll likely spend most of your time. Starting out as an unknown fighter you’ll fight your way thorough a series of training events, promotional fights and tournaments to gain recognition. The online mode plays well with no real lag issues, and has the option to play ranked or unranked matches. The game is a promising beginning to the series, which goes on to bring out UFC Undisputed 2010.

UFC Undisputed 2010 introduces a lot of improvements to its predecessor but remains a challenging game to learn. Despite this being one of the main criticisms of UFC Undisputed 2009 the tutorials and training mode have not seen any real improvements to help with this. Many MMA fans however may see this as a positive thing as it gives credit to the difficulty of the sport.

The most noticeable improvement is perhaps the attention to detail and improved graphics. Fighters bruise as they take punches and cuts visibly bleed. This isn’t just for show and allows you to focus on your opponents injuries. The cage walls can be used to pin opponents which adds new possibilities to your fighting strategy. Online play is still a highly enjoyable mode, and supports online clans. UFC Undisputed 2010 is a definite step forward from the 2009 game, with smoother fighting and a significantly polished appearance.

The Best MMA Games Experiences Available Outside the Octagon

best mma games

This brings us to what is arguably the best MMA game for the PS3 and Xbox. UFC Undisputed 3 addressed the games difficult learning curve which many considered to be the series’ most glaring issue. As soon as you start the game you’re able to choose between amateur and pro controls. While fans that have followed the series to the third instalment will most likely have a good handle on the controls by now, newcomers will find the game much more accessible by selecting the amateur controls.

The newly introduced Pride Mode is one of the games biggest highlights. The mode is based on the Pride Fighting Championships out of Japan and features moves that are banned in UFC matches. The training mode in UFC Undisputed 3 includes mini games while the career mode addresses issues from the previous games for streamlined play. UFC Undisputed 3 is the final game in a series which came along way over the space of just four years. This is the crowning achievement of the best MMA game series to date.

Another contender for the title of best game for the Xbox and PS3 is EA Sports MMA. Where UFC Undisputed struggled from the beginning to create a realistic MMA game that didn’t have such a steep learning curve, EA Sports brought what it learned from Fight Night into developing this MMA game that is both complex in strategy and accessible for newcomers.

best mma games

The fights bring to life the complexity of MMA while the players are on their feet, but groundwork at times feels more like a mixture of button mashing and luck. Where this game really has an advantage over the UFC Undisputed series is in its absence of the UFC licence. Not being confined to UFC rules means you have the option to experience fights with different rule sets. This opens up moves banned in the UFC and offers a very different experience from the UFC Undisputed series.

While these titles should keep most fighting fans satisfied for now, the next generation of consoles promises an even better experience for MMA fighting. The developer of UFC Undisputed sold the UFC licence to EA in 2012. The team at EA has since dedicated themselves to developing EA Sports UFC, which promises to be everything fans could ask for in an MMA game. Read our preview about EA Sports UFC here.

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