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The Best Martial Arts Games for PC, PS3, Xbox30

The Best Martial Arts Games Worth Mastering

A rundown of the best martial arts games for the PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

There are few ways to spend an evening that are more satisfying than sitting back and defeating opponents on screen. Here are some of the best martial arts fighting games to do so on that are available at the moment.

The Best Martial Arts Games For PC

best martial arts games for pc, ps3, xboxStreet Fighter is a tried and true classic that dominated the arcade scene with its original release. Its return to the spotlight with its recent release for the PC has been a triumphant one. Street Fighter IV offers everything a fighting game should. Its streamlined gameplay means that beginners can dive right into the game, while veterans can spend countless hours mastering the finer mechanics of the sophisticated fighting system.

12 of the classic characters you’ll remember from previous Street Fighter games return, along with 6 new additions. El Fuerte is a pro wrestler with fast rushes and crushing throws. Abel is French combat fighter trained in sambo with an array of devastating moves and powerful holds. Rufus is an overweight kung fu fighter, who will surprise you with his speed and dexterity. With the return of favorites like karate champion Ryu and Chinese kempo master Chun-Li there’s something for everyone Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV has always been a game to focus heavily on powerful combos, and new mechanics have made this a game of layered complexity despite its accessibility. The super meter will allow you to chain together series of combo attacks, while the ultra meter will increase their power dramatically. The addition that brings the most to Street Fighter IV however is without a doubt the new focus system. Focus attacks are powerful moves that will deal large amounts of damage in addition to flooring your opponent. They require you to stand still while charging but aren’t interrupted the first time you’re hit. Get this game from Gamefly – Start for Free (US only).

best martial arts games for pc, ps3, xbox

No best martial arts games list would be complete without mention of a Mortal Kombat game, and the recent release of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on the PC is one the the best examples of Mortal Kombat at its best. New and improved game mechanics add complexity to this button mashing classic fighting game. You can read a full review about all Mortal Kombat games here.

Sleeping Dogs is a game of such a high calibre that it’s hard to categorise this as a mere fighter, but the flawless combat system is so smooth it can’t be excluded. Playing the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop infiltrating Hong Kongs underworld you must complete tasks, both for the police and the Triad.

best martial arts games for pc, ps3, xbox

The open world game environment is richly detailed and atmospheric and there is a near endless amount to explore and complete. This game truly deserves praise across the board, but it’s on this list because of its impressive combat system. There’s plenty of variation in fight style and you’ll find yourself switching from hand-to-hand combat to using guns and even to using objects from the environment around you.

Shen is highly trained in the martial arts and many of your fights will look more like a scene taken from an action film rather than a game. The controls are smooth and easy to use, but there is still plenty of depth to the combat system. Each fight will feel like a new experience and a challenge rather than a repetitive chore to complete missions.

The Best Martial Arts Games for PS3, Xbox360 and other consoles.

While the PC offers some truly exceptional martial arts fighting games it’s hard to argue against consoles being the domain of fighting games, and the Playstation and Xbox have an impressive line up.

best martial arts games for ps3, xbox

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is another classic fighter that has its origins as an arcade game. Beginners will be able to jump straight in and mash buttons to a satisfactory end but the learning curve to becoming a skilled player is a steep one. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown boasts more moves, stances and combos than any other game in its genre. This is an impressive feat considering it’s based on a three button fight system.

Martial arts fans will also appreciate the realism that this game adheres to compared to other games of this ilk. What it lacks in fireballs and energy bolts it makes up for in fact paced action. Unlike Virtua Fighter 5, Final Showdown has an online versus mode. This is a much needed addition because this is a game that really requires a lot of skill and practice to master. Challenging online opponents is a rewarding experience for all the hours you will want to put into honing your skills.

best martial arts games for xbox, ps3

UFC Undisputed 3 is an essential part of any mixed martial arts games collection because that is exactly what it is. Playing as a pro MMA fighter you can either progress through the Career mode, mastering the basics as you go, or enter straight into the Title Defence, Tournament, Ultimate Fights or Event Modes.

The online mode is mostly lag free, and offer some great features like Fight Camps. The sheer amount of content this game offers is deeply impressive. While controls were sometimes difficult master in the games predecessor, Undisputed 3 gives you the option of choosing amateur or pro controls which means even beginners can jump right into the action. No other mixed martial arts game rivals UFC Undisputed 3 in realism.




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