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The Best F2P MMO Games for PC of July 2014

By now you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about all these lists of “the best MMO games” and up-and-coming MMO’s that are taking the market by storm. After all these years, every single MMO game seems to have coalesced into more-or-less the same game with slightly different art and mechanics. More than likely you don’t want to hear more of the same, so the list below will feature some highly innovative games that also happen to be free-to-play. Since there’s a great deal of free games out there, only the Best F2P MMO games for PC of July 2014 will be included.

1. Wartune

wartune best f2p mmo games pc

Wartune provides is a curious mix of various game genres. First you have an RPG style combat system, and next you have a city building element ala-Sim City or Civilization. Thankfully, it has integrated all of these elements into a pretty solid game that provides enough excitement for any kind of gamer. The dungeon exploration gameplay provides a healthy dose of nostalgia to people who liked Diablo, plus the city-building aspect will surely provide hours and hours of strategizing and critical thinking to to gamers who like to play nice and slow. Wartune has a little bit of everything for everyone. Wartune (US, CA, AU, UK, SG)

2. Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom Best F2P MMO games

With cutesy anime-style graphics set in a lush, vibrant world and a gameplay that feels very familiar to fans of Final Fantasy, Aura Kingdom is a very “traditional” MMORPG in every sense of the word. You have customizable characters, a weapon-based class system, companions (i.e. pets that can gain experience and assist you in combat) and all of the other trappings that you expect from a straightforward MMORPG. Probably the best part of this game is the high degree of customization options that are available for player characters. Aura Kingdom (Multi-Geo).

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Best Free To Play MMO Games PC

This is the MMO that star wars fans (as well as fans of the KOTOR series) have been waiting for. It combines the tried and true methods of MMO design with advanced quests, fully voiced dialogues and a well balanced combat system that pits jedi and sith against one another (there’s even a selection of bounty hunter builds for players who prefer a “Han Solo” type character).

Even if you’re not into star wars, it’s exciting to see the way combat is exchanged between blaster wielding space cowboys and the force using lightsaber masters. The atmosphere is designed so well that it feels like an authentic fight from the star wars universe. Play Start Wars The Old Republic in the US server.

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4. Drakensang Online

Best Free To Play MMO Games PC

This game looks like something out of a modern day arcade. Defying conventional playstyle, Drakensang Online is built like a third person dungeon crawler with some added MMO flair. Its uniqueness gives it its own kind of charm, and many players familiar with games such as “Bastion” will find the top down run-around playstyle to be very familiar.

In Drakensang, you play as a dwarf who has a wide arsenal of guns and cannons at his disposal. The game revolves around your character making a name for himself by battling monsters and finding treasure in the standard adventure game fare. For that relaxed style of a top down RPG with aspects thrown in, you’ll want to look at Drakensang.

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5. World of Tanks

The Best Free To Play MMO Games PC

World of Tanks was and is one of my absolute favorites, as it combines the tactics and cunning that you’d expect from piloting a WWII tank with the excitement of competing with other players in multiplayer. It’s was also fun to build my own tanks with the advanced customization system present in the game, as I was met with a diverse set of options as to how I wanted my tanks to operate. The other players and the community are very accepting of new players and there wasn’t that much of a gap between the quality of my newbie tanks and the deadliness of the tanks owned by veteran player. Play Wold of Tanks here.

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6. World of Warplanes

The Best Free To Play MMO Games PC

After checking out World of Tanks, I was really excited upon the release of World of Warplanes. It certainly emphasized all of the strong points in world of tanks and only added upon them. I felt just as much satisfaction in customizing/personalizing my planes to match my fighting style, and the thrilling dogfights were never without adrenaline-filled evasive maneuvers, close calls and glorious victories. Fighting with other players only helped make the experience feel more authentic, because I had the chance to operate with air-squads that coordinated their attacks and worked just like I would have imagined a WWII air-force team to fight. Due to its similarities to World of Tanks and its exciting innovations in design, I think that World of Warplanes is one of the best free to play mmo games of the month. Free servers: 1. US/CA. 2. DE/AT/CH

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7. War Thunder

War Thunder Best F2P MMO Games PC

Here’s another great combat aviation game that should be on pantheon of best free to play MMO games! Released just a few months before Wargaming’s World of Warplanes (which can be considered as its direct rival), War Thunder just basically ups the ante for its genre. Set in World War II, War Thunder lets players inside the cockpits of some of the famous planes in that era, and engages them in some vicious air battles that will leave them hanging off the edge of their seats! Hands-down, the highest point in this game is its lush and gorgeous graphics. The gameplay does not disappoint either- the controls are intuitive and the mechanics of the planes feel pretty solid. War Thunder (US, CA), (DE, AT, CH).

8. Warframe

The Best Free To Play MMO Games PC

Warframe certainly kept me on the edge of my seat, as its dynamic shooter-styled combat system is anything but dated. Customizing my warframe felt very personalized and the attacks and abilities I unlocked for my characters always felt powerful in combat. Overall, the combat experience was very satisfying whether I was playing alone or with other players. Single player did turn out to be a little bit more difficult, though, as it seemed like the NPC difficulty remained the same whether I was in a multiplayer game or playing on my own. You can play Warframe here.

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While all of these games have their strengths and weaknesses, there’s a F2P MMO games out there for practically everyone. This list will be updated once I will find a game which deserves to be on this list. After a little bit of experimentation and finding out what works for you, you might discover that one of these Free-to-play MMO games is the game of your dreams.

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  1. anip Monday, Sep 08 2014 11:23PM at 11:23 pm Reply

    Came across this while checking out f2p news, and I just had to comment on it.


    that game is so P2W, it’s no where near “best”
    It’s population is only in the thousands, each server barely have up to 300 players, and not all are active every day, plus those 300+ servers you see… most of them are merged together, IE: 3~5 servers = 1 server, so technically you only have 100ish actual servers, combine that with the above server pop, you have around 3000 playerbase in all of wartune… Best… LOL

    The others are all right, at least some of them aren’t fishing for Whales.

    If anything, you should have placed Path of Exile as number 1 F2P game, it’s purely skill based, nothing in there is P2W, and there are so much to do in there, it’s never boring.

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