The Best Free Air Combat Games

With online multiplayer becoming the new basis for gaming as a whole, many genres have been revamped and polished to perfection. One genre that has been left to the wayside (much to the dismay of many gamers) is the air combat simulation style of game. Luckily for those tired of waiting, several studios have taken notice of the demand and have put forth several games solely designed to cater to your inner dogfighting pilot. Both World of Warplanes and War Thunder are ranked as some of the best free air combat games available.

Best Free Air Comabat Games World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is the more well-known of the two due to its branching out from its predecessor “World of Tanks“, which was a massive success and inspired the creation of this aviation based sequel. Inspired by the gameplay elements of the original tanks game, World of Warplanes looks, feels and plays like the previous game, but with planes in the air instead of tanks on the ground. The customization system is similar so many of the players that praised the custom garage system in world of tanks will likely feel right at home when playing World of Warplanes. Play it here, or visit their official site

While some players feel it doesn’t capture the speed and intensity of a real dogfight, many are charmed by the fact that it runs at a similar pace to World of Tanks. The customization, models, atmosphere and music were the key focus in the design of this game. Since combat simulation was not the absolute focus, it has led some gamers to turn to games like War Thunder.

Air Combat Games War Thunder

War Thunder is an air combat game in a class all of its own. With stellar next-gen graphics, amazing aircraft models and accurate representation of physics and flight instrumentation, it truly is a 20th century dogfighter enthusiast’s dream come true. Designed with a vast selection of aircraft, weapons and the promise for future updates to include ground and navy forces, War Thunder plans to bring players of diverse tastes together in one massive battlefield like no other. If you like realistic military scenarios, scale combat experiences, attention to detail and overall commitment to immersion and fun, then this action packed thriller of an air combat simulator may very well be the perfect game.

War thunder has many expansions planned which has resulted in a skyrocketing of popularity. Some would suggest that the unforgiving nature of the competitive play is not for the faint of heart, so a little bit of practice is necessary before you can expect to be downing fighters like a pro, though that makes doing so all the more satisfying. Since additional features are on their way, War Thunder appears to be an extremely promising game with a bright future. Play it here or visit their official site

While both games are similar in nature, World of Warplanes does seem better suited for casual gamers interested in competitive play that they can hop right into. The ability to slowly build a collection of customized aircraft also appeals to those more interested in the slow-paced style unique to World of Tanks. If you’re often short on time but you want to get into the skies and start doing some damage, then World of Warplanes is something you’ll want to check out. If you’re more of a hardcore gamer with tastes more suited towards simulation, then the mature and defined nature of War Thunder will draw you in and you’ll never want to let go.

With the right amount of practice and coordination, you’ll be able to conduct death defying operations and acrobatic maneuvers to outsmart your enemies. Whether or not you’re a hardcore gamer, both of these games have a place for everyone and deserve their reputation as the best free air combat games.

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