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The Best Fighting Games for PS3, Xbox360 of 2012-2014

Since there already are multiple lists of “The Best Fighting Games” out there, I am now bringing you the most recent and only the best fighting games for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, released between 2012 and 2014. Ratings of these video games are based on my personal experience, as well as reviews from the critics and gamers themselves.

The following TOP10 list is in a descending order, beginning with the newest game and finishing with the oldest one at the bottom.

1. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (Sep, 2013)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate remains dear to my heart despite my original apprehensions towards it. I’ve made many good memories in the action packed multiplayer combat sequences and overall flashy art. The costumes available in the game are diverse and each character has an extensive amount of customizable content. This game in particular has attracted a cult following of Dead or Alive fans and fighting games alike, and it’s not hard to see why. Mildly innovative in the graphics side of things, Dead or Alive didn’t exactly wow me with its stunning visuals, though I was impressed with the high quality models that are a step up from the previous games. The combat triangle was fun and rewarding, and I always found myself coming back for more. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

2. Injustice: Gods Among Us (Apr, 2013)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

Injustice: Gods Among Us drew me in with its compelling story, something that fighting games often glass over. With its unique twist on heroes and corruption, I was just as excited about the story as I was about the amazing combat system. The graphics were so crisp and realistic that they only added to the rich gameplay experience. Those chunky, high impact hits that you’d see in games like Mortal Kombat are present throughout the game and give it a classic fighter appeal with a darker comic book hero tinge. Each character has their own unique power based on their real-life powers and it really adds to the uniqueness of playing specific characters. One of my favorite best fighting games for ps3, xbox360, Injustice: Gods Among Us was quite unique, exciting and surprised me at every turn. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

3. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Mar, 2013)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 brings everything that I like about anime fighters into one place. While I was never a big follower of the Naruto series, I was sucked in by the unique characters available throughout the game and I found myself learning a-lot about the story based on the powers present in each fighter. My interest was further piqued by the fact that the game runs in a cartoon-style shader that mimics the look of the actual show. The game wound up being more difficult than I thought, as the combo system is incredibly intricate and required me to do a considerable amount of practice before being able to compete in the online multiplayer. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

4. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Sep, 2012)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 brings back the fun of the original Tekken Tag but pairs it with modern gameplay innovations, enhanced graphics and a more finely tuned Tekken experience. Tekken has a strong reputation for possessing some of the most difficult to learn combat systems ever, since most of everything relies on an incredible amount of combo memorization and timing. Pairing up with another player to face a pair of enemies was really fun and I enjoyed my chance to show off my Tekken skills while working as a team with another player. As an old-time Tekken player, this sequel hits the spot for me. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

5. Persona 4 Arena (Aug, 2012)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

Persona 4 Arena trails off from the Persona series, but has a surprisingly ingenious combat system, despite the original series primary focus being storyline and plot. Borrowing the art style in the series, the game is full of bright flashing colors and dazzling effects. I wasn’t too daunted by the combat system and it complemented the storytelling nicely, The fast and exciting nature of the combat was a pleasant change of pace for me and I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t have the patience for the more realistic fighting sims. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

6. Street Fighter X Tekken (Mar, 2012)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

Street Fighter X Tekken is an example of just how much game developers love to make story crossovers, though it was executed quite well in this Street Fighter/Tekken game. With all of the flagship characters you would expect from the two game series, this crossover is the perfect culmination of creative energy between the two development teams. With an emphasis on the street-fighter style of combat, this game gives a new twist to certain Tekken characters by presenting them in Street Fighter combat scenarios. The game couldn’t have the word “Tekken” in the title without having classic characters like Yoshimitsu (My personal favorite) and Jin. I had a great time finding new ways to use Yoshimitsu’s sword in the Street Fighter combat style and think that this is a great change of perspective for any long time Tekken player. Every crossover is not without its story, and I was surprised as to how well each universe meshed to create an enjoyable arcade adventure. Even though I am somewhat biased, I believe that this game is one of the best fighting games for ps3, xbox360. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

7. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (Feb, 2012)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition reigns as king among old fighting games as the first gritty-and-gory fighter that emphasized on killmoves and deadly blows. The wacky plot line in the Mortal combat story introduces many strange creatures including half-dragons, busty policewomen and ice ninjas, though it doesn’t detract at all from the sheer brutality of the game. Playing through the game I learned that the super gauge was the most important aspect of combat, and if I filled it to the top, I was able to perform super-deadly x-ray styled attacks that crippled my enemies. I have to say that the special attacks were the most satisfying part of the combat. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

8. UFC Undisputed 3 (Feb, 2012)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

UFC Undisputed 3 is my favorite installment of the revolutionary UFC series. I was extremely giddy when the first UFC came out, as before its release there really wasn’t any video game that featured MMA styled combat. The game may have a reputation for difficult controls and a wide learning curve, but this particular installment is very dear to my heart. The grappling system that the game is based on can be configured in the “easy” and “hard” modes. Easy mode is generally more novice friendly and leaves new players not feeling too overwhelmed, while the hard mode provides a challenge to experienced players but is very rewarding if you know how to use it. One of the best fighting games for ps3, xbox360, UFC did not disappoint. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

9. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (Feb, 2012)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

BlazBlue is one of the most over-the-top anime fighter series I have ever encountered, and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend is no exception. Riding on the coattails of the “Guilty-Gear” series, the eccentric and manic universe of BlazBlue gives fighting gamers a taste of insanity that they can’t find in conventional fighters. The terrific animations, art style and effects do the innovative gameplay justice, so I found myself playing much more than I originally intended to. Much like the more well-known fighting games, BlazBlue is renowned by its cult-following for its incredible degree of complexity in combat. Despite this, beginners often have little trouble adapting to the somewhat complicated combat style (given a little time to adapt, that is). You can Rent or Buy this game here.

10. SoulCalibur V (Jan, 2012)

Best Fighting Games PS3, Xbox360 2012-2014

The SoulCalibur series is known for punishing new players right off the bat, but SoulCalibur V takes things in a different direction. The newly innovated combat allows new players to perform “critical edge” attacks that are stylish, impressive and deal a reasonable amount of damage. When I first started I often used critical edge moves in a pinch. Taking and dealing damage fills up your “critical gauge” which is drained when critical edge attacks are used. The super moves unleashed by draining the critical meter are nothing to laugh at, as they allow new players to compete with the more experienced veterans on a more even playing field. I found that this new addition was a bit clunky and primitive compared to more refined reward systems like those present in Mortal Kombat and Street fighter, though it still had its perks and has gives the series more potential for expansion. You can Rent or Buy this game here.

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