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The Best Boxing Games for PC, PS3, Xbox360

Looking for the Best Boxing Games for PC?

Look no further. Here is a definitive list of the best boxing games titles available on the PC.

The selection of boxing games for PC is a limited one when compared to the options offered by Playstation and Xbox. While the majority decision may be that consoles are the undisputed champion of platforms for boxing games, many PC gamers are still insistent on punching above their weight, so here are some of the top titles available.

1. Real Boxing – $9.99

When it comes to boxing games on the PC, very few games can even stand up to the quality, smooth gameplay, and flawless execution that you see on more high end games such as Fight Night. Perhaps it’s because of the strong push towards developing MMORPG’s and FPS games, or perhaps it’s because Fight Night simply set the bar too high – either way, to everyone’s surprise, when Real Boxing was released it truly became a strong contender in the realm of boxing games!

best boxing games for pcImagine taking a step into a Vegas arena, lights flashing and your opponent just waiting fearlessly opposite you. With intuitive controls that are optimized for touch screen devices, you’ll spend countless hours fighting your way through opponent after opponent in a myriad of different locations to achieve the coveted championship belt!

With incredible gameplay, fantastic lighting and graphics, and a small $10 price tag Real Boxing offers a stunningly high quality boxing game with all of the nifty features fighting game fans will fall in love with! Read full Real Boxing review>>

2. Worldwide Boxing Manager – $9.99

The gameplay of Worldwide Boxing Manager focuses more on the management side than the actual fighting. Taking on the role of a boxing manager starting out with a single unknown fighter, you will create your character and assign skill points to attributes such as training, scouting, promotion and negotiation. The game offers a large selection of unique fighters to challenge or sign.There’s also the option to create your own boxer by selecting stats and customising their appearance.

best boxing games for pcBooking fights, locations and media events will help you get more recognition to attract better fighters. Once a fight is booked you’ll have time to train your fighter and can focus on specific attributes that you think will help him against his match up. As the fight unfolds you’ll be able to coach your fighter between rounds to adapt his strategy as you see fit. As you progress and become more well known you’ll eventually be able to manage up to 20 fighters. While the gameplay may not be the most engrossing, it is fairly realistic. In the beginning you may struggle simply to keep your budget in the black.

3. Universal Boxing Manager – $24.95

As the title suggests, is in many ways similar to Worldwide Boxing Manager. While in Worldwide Boxing Manager you’ll spend as much time in the office as in the gym or ringside, Universal Boxing Manager will have you concentrating much more on the fights and skills of your boxers. There are more options than you might expect for customising your manager and they will effect the game in ways that might not seem immediately obvious. Your country of origin will make fighters of the same nationality more likely to sign with you while your age will dictate the amount of money you start out with and how long you have before retirement. Training offers six options to task your fighter with, each of which improve different attributes.

best boxing games for pcBuilding better training facilities and purchasing better gear will make the training more effective. Once you’ve scheduled fights for your boxer you can manage them in one of two ways. You can select Quick Fight to get an immediate result or Interactive Fight to coach your fighter between rounds. The Quick Fight option takes most of the strategy out of the game, as helping your fighter between rounds is where a lot of the games strategy comes in. Telling them where to hit and building moral will help the result considerably. You can also pull your fighter out early if they’re taking too much damage to prevent injuries.

4. Heavyweight Thunder – (est. $29.99)

Heavyweight Thunder has perhaps the most potential of any PC boxing game. In this first person fighter you start out as a title defending champion. The SimuPunch swing system is easily the most mention-worthy aspect to this game. Using your mouse you’ll direct blows at your opponent and determine the force behind them. This lets you feel much more immersed in the fighting than simply mashing out combos on a console. The management mode allows you to hire different coaches, schedule your matches and even create your own tournaments.

best boxing games for pcThere are also a number of extras to this game outside of the ring which are largely centered around spending the money won from matches. While this game doesn’t have a lot of depth or strategy, it’s perhaps the most action packed PC boxer on the market.

5. Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 – $19.95

The recent release of Title Bout Championship Boxing however is a strong contender for the best available boxing game on the PC. PSID has created a game that boxing enthusiasts will really appreciate the authenticity of. It does away with the management side that most PC boxing games tend to focus on and concentrates on the matches themselves.

best boxing games for pcWith a database of over 6,000 professional boxers from the past century complete with corresponding attributes and histories the creators clearly know their stuff. Their attention to detail spans even further with accurate representations of venues, judges, announcers, ring girls and referees.This game offers boxing fans something that the even most seasoned of managers haven’t been able to accomplish.

You can put fighters like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather in the ring together, or match boxing legends from decades past with current champions to compete for the five major boxing titles. This is a game for anyone who has ever enjoyed watching the sport or simply wants a fun boxing game that doesn’t have them negotiating events and balancing budgets.

At the end of the day however, none of these titles match up to the likes of console games Fight Night or Punch Out (Nintendo). PC users who are serious about playing a decent boxing game should perhaps throw in the towel and switch to consoles.

The Best Boxing Games for PS3 and Xbox 360

Any fight night player will tell you that the game is one of the most brutal boxing games out there. Fight night focuses on the savagery of combat, featuring detailed blood effects, bruises and impact noises. The game series focuses on the grittier side of boxing, and is all the better for it. Below are three of the most stellar Fight Night installations that really stand out on their own.

best boxing games for ps3, xbox360

1. FNR3 (Fight Night Round 3)

A pioneer in handheld combat games, Fight Night Round 3 debuted on the Sony PSP and has attracted acclaim from the game industry as well as from thousands of satisfied players. Unlike the traditional Fight Night control scheme, FNR3 relies on the left analog stick to move the boxer while the face buttons (X, Triangle, Square, Circle) are used to perform different attacks. The guard system is also somewhat dynamic in that players must articulate the position of their block to mitigate attacks from different angles. Even though this game deviated from the conventional, Fight Night players still see it as the best solution given the limitations of handheld consoles.

best boxing games for ps3 xbox360

2. FNR4 (Fight Night Round 4)

The successor to the most innovative boxing games of all time, FNR4 is considered to be one of the most spectacular boxing games ever created. The fast paced movement and punches, the amazing physics engine and the cinematic effects of the punching creates a unique experience that gives FNR4 its legendary reputation. Building on the previous successes of FNR2 and FNR1, this game mostly polishes previously existing gameplay mechanics to make the experience even more streamlined.

best boxing games for ps3, xbox

3. Fight Night Champion

While the aforementioned games certainly offer killer combat and unforgiving scenarios, Fight Night Champions takes the cake by drawing out on the raw emotions intrinsic to boxing. Hailed as the greatest boxing game of all time, Fight Night Champions takes the best of everything that worked in the previous games and refines them to perfection. The graphics are fantastic, the combat feels even more natural and the sounds are truly immersive. Fight Night Champion is easily the best installation in the series.

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  1. francis Monday, Feb 03 2014 7:15AM at 7:15 am Reply

    i like playing boxing

  2. Cap Sunday, Feb 16 2014 9:54PM at 9:54 pm Reply

    Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 is easily the best of a poor lot, but it could be so much better if the design team spent more time working on the game and less on other similar pursuits. Fans of the Title Bout franchise have been waiting for major steps forward for years now. We hope they are coming soon.

  3. TeaRa Monday, Jan 12 2015 6:16AM at 6:16 am Reply

    WoW Boxing game!!!

    Thank you for sharing and I must to follow it.

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